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Whether you are a brand, a distributor or a store, Runnics You can become a great ally for your business.

What Offers Runnics to their Partners?

  1. The publication of products in Runnics costs nothing. You only pay when sales are produced. We only win if you win. We were simply left with a commission of every sale made by us.
  2. We take care of the sale and collection of the products and we automatically send you the necessary data so that you can send the orders to the final customer.
  3. Monthly Runnics Pays the Partner Discounting your Commission or Runnics Invoice directly to the final customer each order and gets its margin from the Subsidiaries of Runnics

Whether you have a blog specializing in sport, lifestyle, fashion or you're Influencer In Social Networks, Runnics You can become a great ally to increase your income

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