How Runnics works

Runnics It's a Marketplace specializing in running, fitness and sports fashion .We function as a Superstore where we offer the catalogue of dozens of Partners (brands, distributors or shops) showing you the best offers in the market with all the detail about each of the products we publish (stock, warranty, time and shipping costs...).

What Advantages Does Runnics have?

We have a huge selection of prime brands running shoes and sneakers. You no longer have to look at different stores and compare prices, in Runnics Have ALL offers available.

  1. Look for the shoe, sneaker or any other product available from our different sections.
  2. Choose from all the offers of our vendors prioritizing what is most important to you: features, price, shipping time...
  • Offers from dozens of stores and suppliers
  • Discount 30% average
  • All sizes and all models

Choose the best shoe for You

Our Product detail pages provide you with the maximum possible information to help you find the product you are looking for by showing you:

  1. 1Expert scores on sports shoes.
  2. 2Alternative offers for the same model of others Partners.

  1. 3Choose the color you want
  2. 4Choose Your Size
  3. 5We show you the seller that serves the product, time and cost of shipping (in most cases the shipment is free!).
  4. 6You can add our products to your favorites or share them in social networks.

  1. 7Try our best price available functionality. For Each product we indicate the combination of size and color that is more affordable.

  1. 8We show you details of the product you visit.
  2. 9Use our exclusive Perfect Match tool to find out which is the best running shoe for you.