About Us

Our team

Runnics It is a website that has helped to become reality both sports enthusiasts and enthusiasts of technology, business and... of life.

Runnics It is a Marketplace of running, fitness and sports fashion born of the initiative of many people passionate about sport and with great experience in the world of technology and electronic commerce.

Our goal is to work to create an innovative portal and offer the sports fan a unique place to find not only the best offers on the market but to get the most suitable product to help you improve and challenge yourself.

The company

A good team needs to have the support of investors who bet on the idea of business. In Runnics We are fortunate to have a powerful team of private and corporate investors.

Founded 3 years ago, the company is working in main European Countries and the USA.

1Q of 2019 we expect to be in more than 15 countries, UK, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, and more !!!

Runnics around the World

Runnics USA offices are based in Miami.

8400 NW 36th Street, Suite 450
Doral, FL 33166 (USA)